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Presence Detection In home automation scenarios, presence detection becomes important to identify who is home (or not), and possibly even who is where in the house, and to make intelligent decisions based on that data. In this video I will go over my current presence detection setup making use of life360, home assistant, and node red. 40 then you’ll find the web interface as The location of the folder differs between operating systems:. My next project was to set up presence detection based on what devices are connected to my Asus router (RT-AC68U running latest Merlin firmware). Since I&39;ve had Node-RED based room presence up and running in Home Assistant, it&39;s been so much easier to create new automations to control lighting, set alarms amongst other things. Changing the entity_id.

101 rssi_threshold: -100 interval_seconds: 5 consider_home: 10 new_device_defaults: track. To get the most out of your home automation, you need good presence detection. Life360 is an app that i. Hey Jay, in the Home Assistant developer tools, go to the Service Call page and try running the device_tracker. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. I can even create some that were not possible when I was simply detecting presence using the keyfob, such as setting up a zone for work and turning on the heating at home when I leave the office. I have successfully integrated two Wyze cam v2 and motion detection into Home Assistant.

Screenshot of Home Assistant showing a school, work and home zone and two people. Presence detection in Home Assistant can easily become a way of saying “home” and “not home”. Here are some common ways to carry out presence detection: The Home Assistant app (or alternative Home Automation Hub app) A specific presence detection app, like Life360.

Home Assistant Supervised - Installing a semi managed environment for experts. In my Home Assistant setup I’m using Bluetooth presence detection. yaml, under input_boolean: create your input boolean (s). One of the keys to enabling a smart home is to track who is home and when they come and go, also known as presence detection. ; This article looks as the Home Assistant hardware recommendations across main categories and based on a review of over 140 devices that I used However I can do this by using two beacons. A way for the house to know if you are home or away and then react accordingly.

You can do that if you have one of our supported routers. You can get all your available device tracker topics from the room-assistant logs. .

presence detection with room assistant - id: &39;&39; alias: Lights ON when I got home description: &39;When Im home&39; trigger: platform: state entity_id: sensor. Using Home Assistant, HACS, and Alexa Media Player, we are able to set up some simple automations to Enable and Disable Alexa Guard Mode AUTOMATICALLY using presence detection. turn_on - data: entity_id: light. Google Assistant is what gets things done on Google Home devices, so most if not all, of the instructions here will work with Google Home devices as well.

First things first, you need to add each of your Google Homes to your config file: Office Speaker - platform: googlehome host: 192. If you home assistant manual presence want the lights to turn off when no one is home, the vacuum robot to run when you’re at work, or the heat to come on before you arrive home on a cold night you need to reliably be able to tell if the home assistant manual presence house is occupied. This is an unofficial user manual for Google Assistant users. At home tracking. A few months later I started migrating my automations to Node-RED and posted the initial results in the comments section of Phil’s post. Presence Detection Part 1: Home Assistant & Bayesian Probability. Run a specific version In the event that a Home Assistant Core version doesn’t play well with your hardware setup, you can downgrade to a previous release. 4, running in HassOS 4.

Every ten seconds my Synology NAS running Home Assistant checks to see what Bluetooth devices it can ‘see’. Then restart your Home Assistant In Home Assistant Interface: To add the device on your Home Assistant Dashboard – create a card by clicking on “Configure UI” in the upper right corner. In part this is because modern smartphones put WiFi (and apps) to sleep when they&39;re idle. You can use the UI to change the entity_id and friendly name of supported entities. . Adding presence detection.

The state of your tracked device will be &39;home&39; if it is in the home zone, detected by your network or Bluetooth based presence detection. Available for free at home-assistant. YOUR_DEVICE_HERE from: not_home to: corridor action: - data: entity_id: light. Usually the easiest way to detect presence is by checking which devices are connected to the network. Home Assistant Container - Installing on Docker. However, there might be some situations where you want to break this down a little bit further. In configuration. One of the most useful things to home assistant manual presence track for home automation is whether anyone is home or not.

To make this type of presence detection work you need to turn GPS off for a zone in Home Assistant by making them passive. Home Assistant is open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. One popular feature is Home/Away status for automatically triggering smart device routines.

With presence detection working I can now finish converting my SmartThings automations into HomeAssistant. Screenshot of Home Assistant showing a school, work and home zone and two people. Ok - nothing is using any kind of official integration (because there is none) but it works nevertheless.

This is important. For my node red setup, I. detecting the exact moment someone enters or leaves the house. In early I found Phil’s excellent blog post “Making Home Assistant’s Presence Detection not. Today, I tackled Presence Detection with Home Assistant. The number of conditions that must be fulfilled for an automation to run has decreased dramatically. If Home Assistant Core fails to start, make sure you check the Breaking Changes from the Release Notes. YOUR_2ND_LIGHT_HERE service: light.

Home Assistant (the best open-source smart hub) has over 1,400 active integrations and thousands of devices that it can be integrated with. ; This article looks as the Home Assistant hardware recommendations across main categories and based on a review of over 140 devices that I used. Google Assistant User Manual. 100 rssi_threshold: -100 interval_seconds: 5 consider_home: 10 new_device_defaults: track_new_devices: true Bedroom Speaker - platform: googlehome host: 192. For now, I’m not looking for fine-grained tracking i.

It can take up to a minute after startup for your devices to be discovered and appear in the user interface. There are different ways of setting up presence detection. Home Assistant OS - Installing using a managed environment (recommended method). If you don’t know about Alexa Guard, it is a service built into most Echo devices that when enabled, will put the echo devices into a type of sentry mode. Phil and Rohan break down Presence Detection in the smart home For complete show notes and more information about the topics discussed in this episode, be sure to check the notes at https. YOUR_LIGHT_HERE service: light. I&39;m newish to Home Assistant and Node Red but have managed to learn quite a lot in a few weeks to set up various lights etc.

To enable this feature you will have to edit your Home Assistant Core configuration manually and add a few lines as shown in the example below. If you&39;ve been struggling to get location tracking or presence detection working in your Smart Home setup this may be your solution. What you need (or better, what I use to make it work): Home Assistant 0.

For example: input_boolean: steven_presence: name: Steven Presence icon: mdi:account cadence_presence: name: Cadence Presence icon: mdi:account. There are many ways of approaching this (just look at the threads on the Home Assistant forum to see), but here&39;s how I&39;ve tackled it with a range of Android devices. Check out the, in my opinion, better Room Assistant: v=A57jFYDzOto One of the most important things for home automation, is kno.

If that doesn’t work, put some debug nodes on your flow and you should be able to see what’s going on. Whatever works there is what you should use in the output node. Next, create an input_boolean that will be enabled/disabled based on our presence. For the past 5 months I’ve been trying to find a reliable way to detect presence in home assistant, I’ve tried different methods from ping, nmap to gps tracking apps. If no one is home, you would want the system to start shutting down unnecessary lights and scaling back the HVAC. Ping integration can not only be used to monitor status of host on the network, but also as a simple presence detection to get notified when family member ge. To create an automation in home assistant with zones and presence detection you will need two things: A device tracker that can be your mobile phone or a dedicated device like a tile tracker and you will need to define zones, by default home assistant has your home defined already. Then click on the “+” button in the lower right corner and choose “ENTITIES” or “LIGHT” card.

To do this: Select the entity, either from the frontend or by clicking the info button next to the entity in the Developer Tools “States” tab. If you want your house to be able to determine when you’ve “just arrived” or “just left”, or you’ve been away longer than usual, check out my blog post Making Home Assistant’s Presence Detection not so Binary. All (1713) Featured Added in:. see service manually and see if you can get it to work there. Home Assistant has a few built-in methods for doing this. If it detects my phone, then it knows I’m home assistant manual presence home. device_tracker: - platform: mqtt devices: apple_watch: &39;room-assistant/device_tracker/bluetooth-classic-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-tracker/state&39; payload_home: &39;true&39; payload_not_home: &39;false&39; source_type: bluetooth. Originally promised in, Google says Assistant “presence detection” is coming “later this year.

For example, my wife works next door - and I couldn’t detect whether she’s at home or in the office via GPS because the accuracy wasn’t high enough. The web interface can be found at ss:8123/ - for example if your Home Assistant system has the IP address 192. Home Assistant Create New Card Dialog. By leveraging what. Home Assistant Core - Manual installation using a Python.

Support for these integrations is provided by the Home Assistant community. Home Assistant currently recommends the Home Assistant OS installation method. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts.

If you’re using a presence detection method that includes coordinates then when it’s in a zone the state will be the name of the zone (case sensitive). A combination of PIR,.

Home assistant manual presence

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